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Don’t be fooled by marketing brilliance

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

I’d say 95% of my diet is whole foods. Now, the reasons for that are very much different today vs. when I first committed to this way of eating. Shutting the door on what advertisements tell me to eat has made my relationship with food the best it's ever been. I view food as my future, not convenience. ...Convenience for who though?

Unless you’re farming/hunting food, you’re being fooled. Not even a little bit either. It’s a matter of how badly you’re being played. “Natural” “Organic” “Grass-Fed” “Free Range” oh what beautiful words that us whole food advocates just love to see. I was one of them. If your food choices needs to be labelled I’m willing to bet you’re not buying what you think you’re buying. You are just a customer buying a product for a business. You are falling for the trap of Marketing 101; find a trend, target a demographic and capitalize through advertising tactics that speak to their character. Marketing brilliance is dangerous. Be aware.

Since the industrial revolution, we don’t even know what food is anymore. We’ve become blind to view food as the cornerstone of well-being. Instead, it’s something we have to grab on the way home, enjoy on a patio, or order online to skip the dishes. We’re so easily convinced that there’s a product to solve every life problem. From organic cleaning products to all natural baby formula; I’m sorry, but these businesses don’t give a fuck about solving your problems. Try the “extra strength” that should do the trick. Can you blame us though? We love trends, we are creatures of habit, we’re never satisfied and we love efficiency. It’s just, to me, the efficiency is being applied in the wrong place.

Why did you eat what you ate today? Is it because you’re following a Paleo/Primal diet? You’re not. You didn’t go out and hunt. You woke up in your air conditioned room with the big fucking television telling you the weather so you can dress how they told you to dress. I digress. I live in Toronto, Canada. Many think it’s cold for the most part and we all live in igloos. That couldn’t be further from the truth where I’m from. We have all four seasons, very hot summers and cold winters. However, some do live in where it’s always cold. Food deliveries are minimal, grocery stores are bare, expensive and sparse. Convenience and food are very much unrelated; but the value of providing nourishment is much greater . Below is whipped seal brain and wild blueberry dip and seal eye. This is home and native nutrition, this is food for the Canadian inuk. Talk about Nutrient Density

@PurpleSaxifrage via Twitter

So, what am I saying? Give up your life, go hunt seal, start farming and never order pizza again? Of course not. I’m suggesting to simply be mindful of the food we eat today determines our future. Be mindful that when you walk in that store think of the story of those foods in there; how they were farmed/harvested/made/shipped etc. Why is that store manager choosing these products for you to buy? Be mindful of these #InternationalBullshitDays and other marketing tactics used to entise your character traits that somehow convince people to try tacos at Burger King just because it’s Tuesday.

EXAMPLE: In the last several years the coffee industry convinced us that Arabica Beans and Dark Roast are premium beans. Are they though? No.

Dark Roasts are not only the least caffeinated brews but they are also beans with the longest shelf life. So you’re premium blend is unlikely to be fresh since coffee distributors cut price on bulk sales. Oh, and your higher quality arabica bean; it’s nothing more than they produce more yield in less space than any other bean. I love coffee and when I compare those beans to light/medium roasts arabica & dark roasts beans taste like burned coal.

Don’t fall in the trap of fad diets, including Keto Paleo Primal Vegan Carnivore, whatever. When it all comes down to it, all we need are the essential aminos and fatty acids. Nutrient dense calories When we use food for what it’s meant to do; provide nutrients, restore cells, provide energy, etc. everything else works.

Be mindful


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