Calorie Cycling
Macro Calculator v2.0

Welcome to V2.0 of the KetoAlpha Calorie Cycling Macro Calculator!

Some key feature highlights are:

  • Supports, all forms of calorie cycling, including:

    • Protein Sparing Modified Fasts

    • Cyclic Ketogenic Diet

    • Fat Refeeds

    • Protein Over feeding

    • Fasting protocols including 5:2, ADF or really any combination you desire

  • Automatically adjusts either low calorie or high calorie days to maintain desired weekly calorie intake​

  • Calculates maximum rate of fat loss and minimum calorie consumption to avoid lean body mass loss.

  • Automatically minimizes fat or carbs depending on selection to avoid over consuming fat and carbs together.

  • Can select desired carbohydrate intake per day on low calorie days and for protein over feeding

  • Now supports outrageously high protein intakes if desired

  • utilizes most up to date research by Dr Kevin Hall to calculate daily energy expenditure 

If your not sure of any details, be sure to read the FAQ below or by messaging me on Facebook or emailing me, otherwise, Happy Macro planning!


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