Ella Bruce

Hey There, Ella Here.


So, the short story is, I was the fat girl in school. 

 You know, the one who was always the first inline at the Tuck-shop (cafeteria) and was always eating SOMETHING? Well, in my early 20's I decided I REALLY didn't want to be her any more, so I decided to do something about it.


Over the next few years I tried practically every different type of diet and training program, trying to find something, ANYTHING that worked. Over time I naturally found myself gravitating towards a diet of leaner meats, Green Veg and avoiding processed foods.

After several years of shame and self loathing I finally learnt how to build the body I dreamed of.

Although I didn't know it at the time what I stumbled upon would end up becoming known as an Ancestral Diet. A diet built around the eating the foods that were available to humans as we evolved, in the quantities they would have been available to us.


Several years later, I decided to take my phsyique to the next level and entered into my first Physique Competition as a sports model. During that time my coach moved me into a classic "High carb, low fat" bodybuilding diet to get ready for stage. Sure, I got lean, but I was always hungry, hormonal, I lost my cycle and eventually even developed an eating disorder.

To make matters worse, AFTER my competition, I just got fat and depressed and couldn't get it under control.

There had to be a better way.

Having learnt my lesson, I returned to my ancestral origins and combined my passion for lifting heavy objects with my equal passion for Steak and Eggs. The rest as they say, is history.

My dream is to share the harsh lessons I have learnt of the years and help people, who once struggled like I have to build the physiques they have always wanted, but never quite reached.

Time to Build The Beast.


Hi, my name is Cala.

For the last half of my life I have primarily been following an ancestral way of eating.

Whatever title we give it, I never started focussing on macronutrients until I started following a ketogenic diet to put my eczema back in remission, roughly 2 years ago.

This changed my entire relationship with food, fitness and health.

Luckily, early in my keto journey I learned the importance of nutrient density and have been an advocate for it ever since.

My diet was lean meats and green veggies only [Auto-Immune Paleo+ Keto] and within weeks I was able to put my autoimmune condition back in remission.

I stuck to this way of eating for about six months noticed drastic changes in my body composition, energy, strength and overall health. It inspired me to start weight training and I’ve never taken a day off track.

This lifestyle drives me to be better every day.

I want to share my passion and story to others that have no idea of their capabilities that have a dream of reaching their limits. Knowledge is the true power and we continue learning everyday by sharing what we love.Whether you are aiming to lose fat, gain muscle, find a remedy to your diet I know together we can make progress in achieving your greatness to its fullest.

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